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Three Steps for the Backup of the Film

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  • Three Steps for the Backup of the Film

    Three Steps for the Backup of the Film

    These steps for some software can be combined together totally, for example, DVDXCopy and Pavtube DVD Copy. However, most of software just can combine two steps together, such as DVDShrink, DVDFab (capture and processing), DVDCopy, or CloneDVD (processing and bure). So the interaction between the two parts is very important. The newbie must learn about the function, and then the software can work for you well.

    usually there are two methods to remove CSS protection, capturing the IFO and VOB files into hard disk or directly pass by operating system. The common capturing software includes DVD Decrypter, pavtube dvd ripper, and SmartRipper. The chance for problem is less than others with the method. If not capturing all the profiles of the film, you have to use IfoEdit to make the processing. It wonít make sense to directly throw it to the burn software. There are various ways to pass by the operating system, such as DVD Region-Free、AnyDVD and DVD X Ghost. However, not all the software can be compatible with the processing software. Sometimes it will affect the operation of copying software. Therefore, the newbie should be sure which processing software the software can be compatible with on the official website before using it.

    The film processing can be chosen for compression or piece as you like.
    Pay attention to this: the quality after compression not only depends on the compression software, but also is up to the original compression core of the film. Namely, film 1 may use software A to get better quality, while film 2 maybe be better after using software B. There isnít any Causal relationship.
    As for the piece part, usually the burnt film canít play normally due to the complex construction of original profile, which makes you have to try several software to check.

    The burning part seems to be simple as long as VIDEO_TS are given to the copying software. However, it has the most chances to make them not compatible with each other. The Nero is an example for the bad compatibility. It is highly suggested to use RecordNow or directly use CopyTo DVD to complete burning processing. But it is better that the system contains the built-in burning software in case that there is contention between the burning software and make copying stop. In addition, choosing the blank disc is very important too as the poor quality film will cause so much mosaic and it can not convert the files quickly, even the files can not be recognized.

    If your DVD contains commercial materials, you can use the shareware to avoid the influence on the original disc.