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Smart-Clip Rules!!!

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  • Smart-Clip Rules!!!

    This thread is designed to clarify various responsibilities of Smart-Clip, S-Card, SCout and Smart Adaptor owners. Please read it and become familiar with it as its terms are retroactive and agreed upon by GsmServer team and forum members.

    If you are posting on forum regarding:
    1. Iissues during operations with the phone:
    • Describe step by step what exactly operation was performed.
    • Full log file along with the SmartMoto version from the procedure(s) youíve performed.
    • Send backup copy read from the phone and/or *.CDAT file created by SmartMoto to
    2. Successful feedback:
    • Full log file from the operation along with the SmartMoto version. Donít forget to hide serial numbers.
    • Backup file, for MTK based phone models (uploaded to some filesharing hosting)
    3.Untested or New phone models:
    • Backup copy that was created before any operation.
    • Step by step description of performed operations.
    • Full log file, along with the Smartmoto version. Donít forget to hide your serial numbers.
    • Backup copy that was created after operations was performed

    The violation of these requirements will result in immediately deleted posts.

    4. Update issue for Smart-Clip, S-Card, SCout and Smart-Adaptor:

    In case youíre dealing with the difficulties while updating Smart-Clip, S-Card, SCout or Smart-Adaptor, please save a log file (*.txt file format) and mail it along with serial numbers to

    Please remember to keep Smart-Clip serial number in secret at all times. The serial can be only posted to Smart-Clip support team via e-mail or Private message.
    The violation of these requirements will result in blocked all serials for good. There will be no return for the blocked devices. It will never become functional again.

    5. Boot-Loader v2.0 Terms and Conditions:

    Please, be informed that every user should follow our rules and avoid abusive downloads.
    All flash files available at Boot-Loader v2.0 at Smart-Clip and/or SCout sections (*.smf, *.mfw, *.wxfx, *.wxcf, *.pcf, *.sfl) are property of GsmServer Team and may be downloaded for personal usage only.
    Downloaded files shall not be shared or sold at public forums, free file hostings, FTP servers, torrents and other p2p networks. The violation of these requirements will result in blocked boot-loader accounts and/or S-Card, Smart-Clip, SCout serial numbers!
    Best Regards
    GSMServer team