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V8 in boot loader mode

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  • V8 in boot loader mode


    i have V8-2gb

    when coming with me its outer display shows boot loader mode ,nothing shows in inner display

    its display shows


    Code Corrupt

    Battery OK
    OK to program
    Transfer mode:

    like this

    I flashed the set in Scout with flash file "R601_G_80.56.1BR_GSQLIDOHGSSAR044_LP0039_GSQL IDOH GSSAR_S053_E009_R001_G001_1FF_Retail.pcf"

    but still no luck
    its software or hardware problem?

    any one help me

    here is the log

    SCout 1.17. Flashing phone "S Flash SCM-A11 - ERROR,NOT FOUND!" with firmware "C:\Documents and Settings\DELHI MOBILE\Desktop\R601_G_80.56.13R_A_GSQLIDODST01NA07 0_PDS010_LP0003_GSQLIDOLUX01NA_S004_E001_R001_G001 _1FF_US.pcf"...
    Loading file "C:\Documents and Settings\DELHI MOBILE\Desktop\R601_G_80.56.13R_A_GSQLIDODST01NA07 0_PDS010_LP0003_GSQLIDOLUX01NA_S004_E001_R001_G001 _1FF_US.pcf"... OK
    Preparing firmware image...
    Loading RAM downloader for bootloader...
    Erasing flash memory...
    Erase completed!
    Flashing code group 31...
    Code group 31 flashed
    Flashing code group 34...
    Code group 34 flashed
    Flashing code group 35...
    Code group 35 flashed
    Flashing code group 36...
    Code group 36 flashed
    Flashing code group 37...
    Code group 37 flashed
    Flashing code group 41...
    Code group 41 flashed
    Flashing code group 42...
    Code group 42 flashed
    Flashing code group 43...
    Code group 43 flashed
    Flashing code group 44...
    Code group 44 flashed
    Flashing code group 45...
    Code group 45 flashed
    Flashing code group 46...
    Code group 46 flashed
    Flashing code group 48...
    Code group 48 flashed
    Flashing code group 49...
    Code group 49 flashed
    Flashing code group 52...
    Code group 52 flashed
    Verifying checksums...
    Code group 31 checksums match
    Code group 34 checksums match
    Code group 35 checksums match
    Code group 36 checksums match
    Code group 37 checksums match
    Code group 41 checksums match
    Code group 42 checksums match
    Code group 43 checksums match
    Code group 44 checksums match
    Code group 45 checksums match
    Code group 46 checksums match
    Code group 48 checksums match
    Code group 49 checksums match
    Code group 52 checksums match
    Phone is being rebooted...
    Device did not re-enumerate after flash operation.Please manually reconnect the device
    Flash completed!

    after flashing its display shows like this


    MEM_MAP Blank
    Service Req'd
    Battery OK
    OK to program
    Transfer Mode:

    here attaching the screen shot after flashig

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    Do you have an idea what has previously happened to this handset and what was original fw version?
    Best Regards
    GSMServer team



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      I got the solution for my set

      here im sharing this info

      1) Flash this attached file 1st then
      2) Flash this firmware version: R601_G_80.56.15R

      now u may sort out ur problem 100%

      thanks to Mr.mcandre
      Attached Files


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        but set now asking subsidy password (lock)

        wat to do?


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          Does this handset was unlocked before?
          Do you check the option "Set subcidy code to 00000000" before flashing at SCout?
          Boot-Loader Support Team

          Our projects:sigpic


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            can you upload bootloader_replacer file again? it{s expired.
            thanks a lot


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