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Use one phone for two sims now.

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  • Use one phone for two sims now.

    I am the CEO of an organization and am constantly on the move. As a result I am in touch with my employees mostly through my cell home. I use two mobile phones with two sims. However, it is very cumbersome and difficult to handle two phones simultaneously. Do I have an option of using two sim cards in the same phone? I would like an option with a 3G compatibility, if possible.

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    The best way to have 2 sim cards online simultaneously is to get dual-sim phone. We have a dual sim cards adapter that allows you install 2 sims in 1 phone, but they won't be online at the same time. Adapter can just switch between one and another in short period of time. Every minute or every 30 seconds for example. If this is comfortable for you - you are welcome at our web store for placing an order
    GsmServer Team